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Okay, so I recently saw a youtube video that got me to thinking about the internet and what makes me angry about it.

First off, I would like to bring up the fact that I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about high school and what it's slowly turning into.

I would like to begin with: How do you think that schools, in the US, are changing and where do you think that they are going? (I'm not directing this at anyone in particular but it helps me get my point across) I believe that schools have gotten better in their education methods, however the teachers need to be more aware of what's going on in the social aspect of the kids. Cliques are going to happen, groups will be formed and fall apart/split apart. Friends will come and go, so will relationships, along with all those people who blindly believe that "this is how love should be, this is what relationships are supposed to be. Emotional people doing emotional things." Ugh... But that's a different rant.

So, now onto the internet portion of this rant. I would like to start off with the high school aspect and what what the internet has now become. Recently, my friend posted on Facebook that "she wondered how her high school friends (meaning the friends that she had that were still in high school) were doing, and what they were up to because she hadn't hung out with them in some time." Now, I can understand that there are people have friends who are younger and older than them, [but I am done with high school and I have no intention of befriending those who I am done hanging out with. High school is over for me, and I'm kind of over all the emotional baggage that went along with it.] Anyway, a friend of hers comment saying that it has boiled down to the students posting very rude, mean, and hurtful things about each other on their twitter or tumblr accounts. There are now three servers in effect at all times of the day taking down these posts that are made within the hour.

Is this really all that the internet means to those students that are not ready to suffer the consequences about their actions. Is there punishment to those who bash on the internet? The answer is yes and no. On one hand, if the parents aren't made aware of these things, then there can be no just punishment of these actions. Secondly, the people who post these things aren't really seeing the effect that it's having on the other persons that they are bashing. They think, in my opinion, that this person isn't really hurting. That's false in so many ways. Things that people do say, especially at that age, will effect their self esteem. If a girl who doesn't have many friends reads something along the lines of "oh, she's such a loser. She has no friends and she deserves to disappear."

Now, what does the person who said this think? "It's the internet. It won't hurt anything." This to is false. Like I said before, things do hurt and if this girl who is being assaulted read this about her, then her self confidence, self esteem, and possibly her attitude about life would change towards a negative disposition that could take possibly years to recover from the torment that she endured in high school. Actually, I should say that they can be male or female. I have taken a notice to gays who have been under fire lately, and they are slowly gaining momentum for equality and good for them. To those who are younger and are bullied, my heart goes out to you.

So this is my first rant about the internet, and what it has become in the eyes of the youth today. To those religious cites that are bullies to those who don't believe, to those beings who think that they are better than others, to those who think that Kharma doesn't exist, I believe that you are wrong, and deserve to be crushed......


United States
I came to DA mostly because I was fascinated by all the wonderful pictures that I couldn't find anywhere else.

Although I am not an artist at heart, I do doodle crosses from time to time. I have about 50 or so, but I'm not sure that I will ever put them on DA.


Okay, so my big thing with people using this site just to either dump their photos and name them "hot boi 53, hot boi 54, etc." annoys me, irritates me, frustrates me, and makes me want to take something heavy and squash them....

Another thing that bugs me is people randomly taking uncreative photos of their bodies. Things like a straight on shot of their privates and calling them "my lower half" or something plain and simple is just stupid! I mean, I don't care if your comfortable with yourself, but spare the rest of us a lame picture.

This site is meant to broadcast artist's creations, viewpoints, stories, and collective pieces to broadcast their talents. NOT... FOR... SHMUCK...

----END RANT----

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